Thursday, August 5, 2010

I Joined Barb's Rooster Party!

My favorite color is red, and my favorite flower is sunflowers. So when decorating my kitchen in my previous house I wanted to incorporate the two. This is when my rooster addiction began! It seems that roosters and sunflowers go hand in hand. I found a fabulous border and had paint custom matched to the sunflower in the border and the red in the border background. I loved that kitchen! When we moved to our present house (which is in another state) I went back to the store I got the border from and bought up all they had! I was determined to use it again! I used the yellow gold on the walls again but opted for some red wallpaper. I hope you enjoy my rooster clad kitchen and breakfast room--you might find a hen or two as well!!!
Here's a good look at my awesome border!!!
Found these lovelies on a clearance sale for $7.95 for the set!!!
I do love me a good clearance shelf!!
That rooster lightswitch cover was one of my first rooster purchases!
Found it on ebay!!
The plaque in the window is not rooster related- but had to show it!
But hey, you get a good look at my rooster toile valances!
Below are view of the left and right sides of the window.
Got him at an auction one night- love this oil on canvas guy! I think I paid around $6 for him- another bargain!

I need want a new stove. The previous homeowner left this one here. It works perfectly--has a double oven and stove drawers---but I like stainless. Problem is, this stove is an odd size- and it is hard to find a new one as wide as this one--that doesn't cost a fortune! So, maybe one day, but until then, we can cook the turkey and dressing for Thanksgiving at the same time!

What's for supper? Ask the husband-he's the cook around here!
Notice the menu is blank? The mister is out of town- so mom uses the microwave!


I am running out of wall space! Really, I am...I have two more pictures I really love- but nowhere to hang them!!

I absolutely love my rooster collections displayed on these shelves in the breakfast area. I tend to change it around pretty often as my collection grows!
These two white roosters came from TJ Maxx. I lurve TJ Maxx! I go weekly- no lie- ask my husband! My kids hate to go in there with me- I take toooooooo long! I usually leave with a rooster item or two!
Got this rooster tiffany lamp off ebay!
My husband and kids gave me these dishes a few years ago for Christmas.
They were too pretty to use! So they got displayed on my shelves!
They also got me this pair. They are part of a bog collection or something-
He said he was going to get me one every Christmas- that was two
Christmases ago---guess I need to remind him!
Another TJ find- it sits beside a cookbook which belonged to
my grandmother- I don't use the cookbook! That's my
husband's department, remember?!?!
Well~~~thanks for stopping by my henhouse! The rooster will crow early tomorrow- 
which by the way is our first day of school *sad face* :( so off to bed soon for us.
Come back again- I am sure to gain more rooster friends-- what was that? I think 
hear TJ Maxx calling- maybe after school tomorrow- just maybe!!!


DogsMom said...

What a beautiful assortment of roosters displayed so wonderfully. The topiary is the most unusual I have seen. I like the sunflowers tying the theme together. Be sure your family reads your blog and gets the hint about keeping Christmas promises. (My DH has been enjoying all my incoming comments this week. Maybe he's starting to think blogging time has value?)
This was my first big party and such fun. I want to do another, and plan my post better.

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

Thats a great ROO collection you have... so glad you decided to join us. i wouldnt have wanted to miss all your pretty Roo's and Roo displays..
love the welcome plaque..


Susan said...

Wow. You sure do have a lot of great roosters and I love the way you've decorated with them. I really like the shelf/cupboard display you have of all of them and your plates. Beautiful. Oh, the three rooster canisters you found for $7.95 are beautiful too. Where in the world did you come across those at? Love them.

Hope you are having a super fun Rooster weekend,

Sue said...

You sure do have a varied assortment of chickens and roosters, Jennifer. I really like your glass canisters and the topiary. I would have to "grow" faux ivy, too- I have a brown thumb and have issues keeping plants alive. LOL
I can see that you DO like red, as well. I tend towards a French country look in the kitchen and Laundry room. The laundry has taken a garden theme as well- don't know if you got a chance to see it from one of last month's posts. Thanks for stopping by for a visit- always nice to meet a new friend.
:-) Sue

Donna said...

You have a wonderful rooster collection! The canisters you found were a great deal. I am so glad to find another Alabama gal! I am now a follower of your blog. Thanks for visiting me.

Kathy said...

I really like how you have decorated you kitchen in red and yellow. It shows off your rooster collection perfectly. If I ever saw a stained glass lamp in the shape of a rooster, I'd buy it right away!

Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

I am still trying to make it around to all the parties!! I love your rooster collection! Especially the lamp! Your home is very nice and it seems that you like the same colors as I do!!

someplace in thyme said...

The way you have displayed all your lovely roosters is just perfect. I love the clock and the welcome sign. It seems that no matter where I go, I see roosters that I have never seen before. I never would have thought so many different roosters were out there. I love them all, thankyou so much for having me into your lovely home, Char

Mimi said...

Jennifer, you have a great rooster collection. I really like those apothecary jars, and the price for the set. I know you will find space for the two pictures you have yet to hang!

Donna (Timeless Settings) said...

You have a wonderful collection!


Sarah said...

I'm late arriving. I've been away from my computer so am just now getting around to visiting the rooster party posts. Nice group here. I agree that roosters and sunflowers are wonderful together. Thanks for sharing!

JKW said...

The big red/clear glass rooster looks like a lamp (cord) in the kitchen with the line up of little ceramic roosters. I would love to see it lit if he does light up. Great display of your beautiful guys. Blessings, Janet

Robin said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog!!!!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of your roosters! And I am crazy about your yellow/red toile window valance. I really want to figure out where I could use that print in my house!


Robin :o)

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