Saturday, July 24, 2010

Coupon Binder

In the past, I have used envelopes to store my coupons, just stuck the loose coupons in my purse, and lately used small coupon wallets to store them. The coupon wallet became too small, so I used two, then eventually three of them.
I had them separated into groceries, health and beauty, and household items. But the three of them were too much to carry around in my purse. So after seeing many other bloggers using binders and the I-want-it-so-bad Coupon Clutch, I decided to make my own binder until I can order my own coupon clutch- did I say how much I love it?! So while shopping for school supplies for my little darlings, I picked myself up a $4.95 binder at Tarjay, along with a pack of trading card holders.
I emptied all my coupons from their aforementioned  coupon wallet, and set out to organize my new binder! I had a pack of binder divider thingies at home, so I used them to create my sections, After hours of sorting, returning to buy another pack of trading card holders, and more hours or organizing, I finally finished!
The binder I am using right now has room to put my sales papers, calculator, pen, etc. to help me stay organized! Oh, and I had some extra large coupons that wouldn't fit into the trading card pockets, so I used a pair of scissors and ripped the seam between two of the pockets to create a larger one! I have used my binder only once since putting it together- at Tarjay- and was honored when a fellow couponer commented on my binder and said she liked mine better than the clipboard she was using! We even exchanged coupon tips for a few minutes. So until I have my own Coupon Clutch (I am leaning toward the brown and blue paisley, by the way!), I am loving my new coupon binder!


Vicci @theplaidbasket said...

Hi Jennifer!
This comment is for your rooster parade as there is no option for leaving comments on that post. I'm certain that you are going to be missing out on alot of comments because you have ALOT of very cool roosters and excellent displays. I REALLY love the one in the 3rd from the last photo that has the sunflower on it...can you tell me the brand? Where you got it? SOMETHING? I must go find one. Take care and I hope you get your comment option fixed soon. Vicci

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